September 2020

Ben was also banned from playing blackjack again at the casino in Las Vegas forever despite being allowed to participate in other games.

Ben Affleck’s skill at playing cards turned out to be a problem in itself. Jennifer Garner’s husband has been expelled from the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas after security officers found him performing card counting techniques while playing blackjack.

A source said officers approached Ben who was playing. He says Ben is too skilled and could be detrimental to his casino. The officer then provides a car to take Ben and Jennifer home to the hotel.

The source added Ben was banned from playing blackjack at the casino forever. But the 41-year-old actor could still be involved in other games.

Card counting is a technique so that players can know the positions of the cards so that the risk of losing can be lowered. Although not considered technically illegal, this technique can get players expelled because it is considered detrimental to the casino.

Ben himself has been known as a fairly skilled blackjack player. In 2001, he was gossiped about winning USD 800,000 a day while playing blackjack in Hard Rock.